Smith Stratton


The firm’s appellate practice group assists clients with appeals from final judgments; obtaining leave to appeal from interlocutory orders, sometimes on an emergent basis; post-trial motions; and trial monitoring for the purpose of identifying appellate issues, developing an appropriate record on appeal, and facilitating the evaluation of settlement.

Notable successes include: a 99% remittitur of a pain and suffering award in a workplace exposure case, sustained on appeal in Webb v. Troy Corp.; a unanimous reversal by the New Jersey Supreme Court of a plaintiff’s verdict in Gonzalez v. Safe and Sound Security Corp., 185 N.J. 100 (2005); vindication of the “owned property exclusion” by the New Jersey Supreme Court in State v. Signo Trading International, Inc., 130 N.J. 51 (1992); the reinstatement by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court of a jury verdict voiding certain insurance policies in Rohm and Haas Co. v. Continental Casualty Co., 566 Pa. 464 (2001); and the affirmance of the dismissal of bad faith claims by the New Jersey Appellate Division in HGM Communications, Inc. v. Hartford Fire Insurance Co.

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